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Northern Community Legal centre provides free and confidential legal advice and assistance to people who live, work, or study in Merri-bek, Hume, or Mitchell Shire Council Local Government Areas.

NCLC has limited resources and cannot help everyone. NCLC will prioritise assistance for members of our community who have or are facing multiple systemic barriers to achieving justice in their legal matters including those who are:

·         Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

·         Experiencing mental ill health, disability, or cognitive impairment

·         Homeless

·         LGBTIQ+

·         Refugees and newly arrived

·         Victims / survivors of family violence

·         Young people under 25

NCLC may be able to assist priority clients by providing advice and referrals to other legal services or organisations. Depending on your legal matter, and our capacity and expertise, our Centre may be able to assist with further casework assistance. To be eligible for casework, a client must also have a reasonable prospect of obtaining a successful outcome and the area of law must be within the experience of our lawyers.

Please call us on (03) 9310 4376 to make an appointment. We can provide an interpreter on request.

Conflicts of Interest 

If we are unable to assist you with your legal problem, then it may be because it is outside the scope of our service or we have a legal conflict. If we have a legal conflict then it may mean that we have seen someone who has indicated to us that you are the other party in their matter. To learn more about legal conflicts, please see the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner Fact Sheet here.

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