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Our Obligations

In Victoria, the Victims’ Charter is in place to support victims of crime and set guidelines for some of the organisations and agencies that victims interact with. The purpose of the Charter is to ensure that victims and persons adversely affected by crime are acknowledged, respected and provided with necessary support.


NCLC is a victims service agency. This means that NCLC has an obligation to follow principles outlined in the Victims Charter.


NCLC is required to:


  • Treat persons adversely affected by crime with courtesy, dignity and respect


  • Respect victims’ rights and entitlements as participants in proceedings for criminal offences


  • Take into account the diverse needs of persons adversely affected by crime, which includes their:

    • Ethnicity

    • Status as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

    • Sex or gender identity

    • Cultural or linguistic diversity

    • Sexual orientation

    • Disability

    • Religion

    • Age

    • Geographic location


  • Provide persons adversely affected by crime clear, timely and consistent information or referrals to:

    • Possible entitlements (such as a compensation order or financial assistance)

    • Legal assistance

    • Preparation of victim impact statements

    • Processes for making complaints

  • Relevant victim support services


  • Inform victims that they may complain to us if they believe that NCLC has not upheld a Charter Principle and seek a review from the Victims of Crime Commissioner of NCLC’s response to that complaint

  • Respond to victims’ communication needs and preferences, in particular:

    • Whether they want to be contacted or not

    • Their preferred contact method (which may change depending on the topic and time period)

    • Their ability to understand information because of their English proficiency

    • Their ability to understand information because a victim has a disability

    • The ability to understand information because the victim is a child

  • Not to disclose victims’ personal information is not to be disclosed unless it is required for legal proceedings

  • Inform victims or their families that they may nominate a person to be their representative for the purposes of the Victims’ Charter


You can read more about the Victims’ Charter and NCLC’s obligations here.


Questions or Concerns

If you are a NCLC client and you have questions or concerns about NCLC’s compliance with the Victims’ Charter, then please contact us to discuss your matter by email at or by phone at (03) 9310 4376.

Any complaint will be handled in accordance with our Complaints Management Policy. You can find more information about our complaints and feedback processes here.

If you are not satisfied with our response, then you can refer your complaint to the Victims of Crime Commissioner here.

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