Our volunteers assist in a wide variety of ways, including night service, assisting lawyers with client files during the day, working on special projects and various administrative tasks. Our volunteers are made up of law students, interested community members, lawyers from a range of different practices who come together with a range of expertise and knowledge to provide an extension of our service to the local community. Without these dedicated people, we would be unable to provide an extended service for our clients.

At present there are no volunteer positions available to law students or paralegals, however you are welcome to submit the attached application.  We will consider your application once positions become available.


If you hold a current practising certificate, then please complete and submit the attached application by email.


Please contact the Legal Practice Manager, Marquita Nolan, on 9310 4376 or email mnolan@northernclc.org.au with any queries.





As a volunteer paralegal at the Northern Community Legal Centre you have the opportunity to assist vulnerable Victorians in a supportive working environment, which is why I have loved my time at the Centre. All of the staff are friendly and approachable, and come from a variety of backgrounds—so there are plenty of interesting stories to share. In your role you will have ongoing learning opportunities to further your legal experience. For example, my responsibilities began with writing letters, conducting research, and communicating with clients or government agencies. Over time this progressed to drafting affidavits and interviewing clients, alongside my regular duties. In this way, as a paralegal you can develop legal research and drafting skills, as well as client management and interview skills. If you are thinking about volunteering as a paralegal, the Northern Community Legal Centre is an excellent place to develop your legal skills while you give back to your local community.