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Justice at Home Research Project 
















Since the COVID lockdowns of 2020/2021, Victorian courts have increasingly been using remote technology to hear matters, including family violence intervention orders. While anecdotally some family violence victims/survivors report benefits from having family violence intervention order hearings heard remotely via Webex (such as reduced trauma and improved accessibility), others  report dissatisfaction across a range of process and safety factors.


Partnering with local community organisations, the Justice at Home Research Project explores the user experience of family violence applicants, evaluating the perceived benefits and constraints arising from the use of remote technology and any impacts it has upon safety, validation, participation, support needs and awareness of next steps. The research outcomes intend to not only improve service delivery to victims/survivors seeking enhanced safety, but to inform court guidelines regarding the appropriate circumstances in which hearings are delivered either in-person or remotely, and the practice measures required to ensure that remote hearings achieve enhanced safety.


For further information, please contact Tania McKenna at

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