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RISE Program
Rights, independence, self-empowerment

Legal advice and advocacy to help young women

take back financial control

Northern Community Legal Centre’s RISE program aims to help young women recover from controlling relationships and address the financial impacts they may be experiencing. Our lawyer provides free assistance for legal issues such as debts and fines, child support, tenancy, victims assistance, family violence intervention orders, child contact arrangements, and visa applications.


Financial control can be one of the early warning signs of a harmful relationship. It often goes unrecognised, but can have long-term negative impacts. If you identify with more than one of the below statements, we recommend getting in touch with our service. We may be able to source financial support or refer you for financial counselling.


My partner or family member:

  • Controls how I spend money

  • Insists I show them all receipts from shopping

  • Makes me transfer my income to their account and then gives me an allowance

  • Gives me an allowance but it isn’t enough to cover household expenses

  • Doesn’t include me in major financial decisions

  • Tells me not to worry about the family finances

  • Has taken out loans in my name

  • Has put all our utility accounts in my name

  • Restricts my access to the car

  • Doesn’t want me to work or study

  • Has me sign documents but insists I don’t need to know what they are for

Getting Help

If you are experiencing financial control, or you just have questions, please get in touch with our service. Call (03) 9310 4376, or email


Your safety and privacy are our first priority. Female lawyers are available, and a female language translator can be organised upon request.

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