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Safe Landing Project (Extension) 













Background into the Project

In 2019 NCLC piloted the Indian Women’s Family Violence Project, a two-year investigative project funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board. The Project developed a model of integrated legal, migration and family violence support, combined with community education and engagement for migrant women from India.


Our Project findings confirmed that women on temporary visas experience disproportionate frequency and severity of family violence, and that migration status is a significant barrier to leaving the abusive relationship or addressing the violence. By integrating migration law, family law, and family violence legal response, women participating in this project were enabled to find safety and establish themselves free from risk of violence. 


The Safe Landing Project (Extension) 

The Safe Landing Project, which was funded by the Commonwealth Government for a period of 12 months, built on and extended this integrated service delivery model to include all women on temporary visas experiencing family violence in Melbourne's North-West.


In 2022 the Program was funded for a further four years, and now extends into the city's South-East. NCLC is working closely with our partners at South-East Monash Legal Service to ensure we reach people in need across a larger area of Metropolitan Melbourne. 


Working collaboratively with family violence services, police and courts, the Safe Landing Project (Extension) provides wrap-around, culturally sensitive, and appropriate family violence and migration legal services to streamline safety pathways for highly vulnerable women and children.  Eligible clients include women on partner visas, and women on other forms of temporary visas such as student or visitor visas.

For a summary of the original Safe Landing Project, visit here

Read the Indian Women's Family Violence Project findings and recommendations here.

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