Client Stories


Ahan was a victim of serious family violence over many years. As well as the physical and verbal abuse her partner subjected her to, he would constantly take her car without her consent. As a result she incurred over $10,000 of infringements in her name. Because of the severe violence, it was not safe for her to nominate her partner as the true driver. She finally managed to leave the relationship but was being pursued for the fines. When she first came to us she was stressed and anxious. We successfully applied to Fines Victoria for these fines to be waived on the basis of family violence, and all of the infringements were cancelled. We have also assisted her to obtain a divorce which ensures not only the emotional separation that she needed after the years of violence but also the financial.

* not real name for confidentiality


Lucia is a young woman who grew up in a household where there was significant family violence, as a result she suffered severe anxiety and depression. We first assisted Lucia with criminal law matters including some serious criminal charges. When we appeared in court for her we were able to negotiate with police to withdraw three of the more serious charges against her. After explaining Lucia’s difficult personal circumstances to the Magistrate the Magistrate released her on an undertaking with a condition that she continue attending appointments with her psychologist. At the conclusion of her criminal matter she received a ‘show cause’ letter from the Department of Justice requesting reasons why her working with children check should not be revoked. She also subsequently disclosed to us that she had in excess of $18,000 worth of outstanding fines, and that she had incurred these fines when she was a victim of family violence. We made submissions to the Department of Justice and Lucia was able to keep her working with children status. We also assisted her to successfully have her fines waived.

* not real name for confidentiality


Melay lives at home with her parents, and has multiple mental health diagnosis which impact on her life, making her anxious and at times paranoid. One of her great enjoyments and something that gives her a sense of independence from her parents is to travel around Melbourne on the train network. She had a myki, but was not touching on due to concerns about her movements being tracked. She knew that these thoughts were a result of her mental illness but was unable to overcome them. The result was that she accrued around $5000 in transport fines. We worked with her mental health professional and were eventually able to have her fines waived. We went one step further and assisted Melay to obtain an ‘access travel pass’ which now allows her to legally use public transport without needing to touch on her myki.

* not real name for confidentiality