Northern Community Legal Centre values a multidisciplinary approach and has Masters in Social Work students participating in semester placements. They are involved in events such as Week Without Violence, attending and assisting with the Family Violence Intervention Order program, and assisting in Community Legal Education and various projects such as our work with the Family Relationship Centre and the Oorja Foundation. Whilst on placement students are afforded the opportunity to network and to undertake professional development programs on offer within the NCLC catchment. 


As a student on placement at the Northern Community Legal Center, you have every opportunity to explore your potential, enhance your professional skills and to assist and make positive changes in the lives of victims/survivors of domestic violence and other vulnerable people in the northern metropolitan region. Northern Community Legal Centre has a lot to offer Social Work Students on placement and it helps you to come out as a confident social worker by the time you finish your placement.

You practice skills to move beyond your comfort zone such as visiting different agencies to understand various referral pathways, participating in community working groups and networking among various organizations. These are essential skills for a social worker to enable them to provide guided referrals to clients. I could literally practice these invaluable skills at the NCLC.

One thing you will love about NCLC is learning with freedom. You are responsible for your learning. I was involved in exploring services, doing research on aspects that interested me such as family violence and barriers to accessing services by CALD communities. I grew to appreciate the significance of community education and got various opportunities to participate in programs. This opportunity gave me exposure to the skills required to engage clients at the community level by being made aware of the various issues they were facing at both the individual and communal level. These are real forums where you directly hear people talking about the issues facing them. This understanding can be an asset for a social worker to effectively address the issues they face in practice through networking and community development.