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Dallas Neighbourhood House Project

In 2021, in partnership with Dallas Neighbourhood House, NCLC conducted the Hume Family Violence Peer Education Project in response to the high rates of family violence in Hume LGA (second highest in the Melbourne Metropolitan region). The project recognises that when educated to provide social and emotional support to other women in their networks, women in the community can play a vital role in addressing this issue.


The project brought together 12 women from diverse cultural backgrounds – all residents of Hume – to participate in a series of family violence training sessions, covering topics such as how to recognise and respond to family violence, and the services and safety pathways that are available to women, particularly those who are newly arrived. Now, as qualified Peer Educators themselves, the 12 participants are able to support, educate and empower other women in their community.


On completion of the course, the participants worked with local filmmakers Fringe Dweller Films to script and produce a short, powerful video encouraging other women in abusive relationships to seek help. The video was officially launched on International Women’s Day 2022. We are very proud of the group’s hard work.


The video forms part of a broader campaign by NCLC to ‘Take the First Step’. The campaign encourages newly arrived migrant women experiencing family violence to seek help by visiting our website, where they will find clear, dedicated information about their rights in Australia and how to make an appointment to see a lawyer. These resources – including the video – are available in English and Arabic here.

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